What you need to Know about overloading trucks in Kenya

Truck overloading refers to the transportation of cargo beyond the prescribed limits set by the government. The goverment sets maximum Gross Vehicle Weights (GVW) and Gross Axle Weight. Gross vehicle weight refers to to total weight of the truck and the cargo. Gross Axle Weight refers to the total weight per axle. These weights are measured when a truck steps on a weighbride. The weighbridge displays total Gross weight and weight exerted on each axle by the truck.

The country currently has fixed and virtual weighbridges installed accross major highways and roads. Fixed weighbridges include manned weighbridge scales, parking spaces and administrators. Virtual weighbridges involve weighing sensors placed on highways and roads in Kenya. Overloading on a fixed weighbrideg leads to immediate impounding and fining of the overloaded truck. Overload captured on a virtual weighbridge involves an automated picture and system record of the overloaded truck, the details on relevant fine can be executed the day the truck passes through a fixed wighbridge.

Apart from fixed and virtual weighbridges one’s truck may encounter a mobile weighbridge. Mobile weighbridges are carred in vehicles by employees working for weighbridge monitoring firms. Mobile weighbridges may impound a truck for overloading before it steps on a fixed or virtual weighbridge. The impounded truck has to be directed to the nearest fixed weighbridge in order to efffect a fine.

Overloaded trucks caught on Kenya Highways have to pay a fine through a bankers cheque to KENHA (Kenya Nationational Highways Authority. The fine amount depends on gross vehicle weight of the overloaded truck. In a case where the vehicle complies with Gross Weight but has an overloading on an axle; the driver might be forced to redistribute the vehicle’s cargo before leaving the weighbridge.

In case of a fine ask the weighbridge for the weighbrdge ticket and nearest bank where you can get a bankers cheque. Issue a payment to bank and get the bankers cheque addressed to Kenha then proceed back to the weighbridge where your will submit the cheque and weighbridge ticket. The truck will then be allowed to exit the weighbridge upon complying with this requirement or also being required to transfer excess cargo to another vehicle.

Additional previous fines on the vehicle can also be charged once the truck enters the weighbridge, for example a truck might have been tagged for escaping or refusing to enter the weighbridge on a specified past date. These tags include a photograph evidence showing the truck’s registration number. This risk makes it paramount for one purchasing a used truck to make sure that the truck has no pending weighbridge fine tags. One can dispute tags and fines in court judgement on  this will be based on the prosecutor and the magistrate.


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