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Promoting truck owner products and services for sale. We leverage on technology to offer market research and advertising for your business.
increase truck business sales


We get clients in need of supplies or transport services. We also conduct feasibilty studies to select most ideal clients to serve.
Truck business accountant


Get professional accounting services to keep your books in order and make better informed decisions backed by accounting dats.
Truck repair managers

Repairs Management

Oversight services of vehicle repairs and maintenance. Includes repair tracking, cost reduction, parts sourcing and cost reduction.
Truck traffic management

Road Compliance

Road compliance and traffic case resolutions. Includes vehicle condition, insurance,load limits,vehicle inspectionand driver offences.
truck finance management services

Finance Management

Truck business finance solutions including asset finance, trade credit, working capital, insurance and analysis services.
Truck business debt collection services

Debt Collection

Debt collection services for unpaid invoices. Includes demand letters, court cases, mediation, arbitration and enforcement.
Truck business HR services

HR Management

Recruitment and management of staff for your truck business. Includes contracts,payroll,labour compliance and performance management.
truck management

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We have a team of experienced individuals with experience in truck management services. We enable efficient truck management services that enable the truck owner enhance efficiency and profitability of their business.

Joseph Muongi Kamau  -Managing Director (Finatrack Global Ltd)

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Our approach is based on practical solutions to truck industry problems in kenya.
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