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We seek to enhance the truck industry with by promoting sustainable trade for both vehicle owners and sellers.

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Trucks.co.ke was founded in the year 2020 by Mr. Joseph Muongi to address limited personal access to available truck economic opportunities. Joseph Muongi is a director at Walters Trading Company Ltd, a company that owns and operates a fleet of tipper trucks used for supply and transportation of construction material.

Also being the founder of Finatrack Global Ltd; a licensed Applications Service Provider, he thought it wise to develop a website where he could get clients in need of transport, supply or purchase of his used trucks in the height of low business activities occasioned by the covid-19 pandemic. The platform offered great access to business opportunities and within a month he ended up turning down most jobs from prospective clients due to lack of capacity.

He then opened up the website to hire trucks from other truck owners. He was able to take on large projects including direct supply of murram for the Nairobi Expressway(Olesereni-ICD section).The platform also enabled subcotracting of third party trucks to other transport contracts.

The website application has since opened up great opportunities where we are able to solve problems related to efficient purchase of both new and used trucks, truck consultancy,  dependable economic opportunities and convinient market for truck related products and services.

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