5 Things you need to know before NTSA truck Inspection

February 28, 2022

Trucks in Kenya should be inspected by NTSA annually. This inspection ensures road worthiness of trucks on Kenya roads. The inspection is done at designated NTSA inspection centers within the country. There are 5 important things to understand before taking your truck for inspection:


One has to book for inspection through his or her NTSA portal. Click on the book inspection tab then pick an inspection center and choose an available date and time. Available time is shown through green time stamps while fully booked days are shown as red time stamps. Choose the nearest date and print booking letter after payiong booking fess through the NTSA portal.


One has to pay advance for the truck through his or her iTax portal. Advance tax is paid annually per truck by truck owners in Kenya.


All trucks are required to have a valid digital speed governor in Kenya. This speed governor certificate should be renewed annually after a renewal fee is made to the relevant speed governor company.The vehicle owner should receive a physical copy of the speed governor certificate and a windscreen copy of the same. The vehicle owner will be forced to buy a new speed governor in case the current speed governor is faulty.


The vehicle should be in proper condition before being taken for inspection. This will force the vehicle owner to repaint faded vehicle paint, replace reflectors, won out tyres and other faulty truck parts before taking the truck for inspection.


The driver should take the truck to booked inspection center on the assigned date. The driver should carry the original speed governor certificate, booking form, and advance tax generated payment slip. The vehicle inspection will involve checks on vehicle appearance, mechanical and elictrical conditions. The inspection officer will also take photographs of the truck. Upon successful pass of the inspction the truck owner will receive a confirmation message and inspection report on his/her TIMS account. If truck is found faulty the truck driver will be advised to take the truck out and perform repairs then enter for reisnpection.

Alsways remember to take truck for inspection while clean with proper life saver reflectors, first aid kit and a fire extinguisher.

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